(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — A group of supporters at the iconic Plaza Restaurant in Warren, Pa. applauded as Josh Shapiro addressed issues facing the state.

“I’m traveling all across the Commonwealth meeting people where they are, talking about the big issues that are on their minds, and the plans I have to try and make lives better. The way we’re going to take on big fights, bring people together, and get meaningful things done,” said Josh Shapiro (D) Pennsylvania Governor Candidate.

Shapiro made a stop in Warren as he’s done several times in the past. He said Warren is a critically important community in Pennsylvania.

“There’s too many areas of Pennsylvania that politicians write off. I don’t write off any communities, I show up, listen and I talk about the issues that matter most, and then help deliver real results for the good people of Warren County and all across Pennsylvania,” Shapiro said.

As the only Democrat in the race for governor, Shapiro can already look to November, waiting to see which of the nine GOP candidates will win that nomination.

“Here’s what I know for sure. After the primary, there’ll be one of them left, the race will join, and I’ll be ready for what will be an election with a clear contrast and very high stakes,” Shapiro said.