President Donald Trump brings his re-election hopes to Erie while holding rally at Erie International Airport

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President Donald Trump brought his re-election hopes to Northwestern Pennsylvania on October 20th.

In front of a large and enthusiastic crowd, President Trump quickly talked about a post pandemic America if he wins.

“You know what we want, normal life. Normal life will finally resume and next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country, ” said President Trump.

President Trump also described what he sees as an obvious choice for voters come November 3rd.

“This is an election between the Trump super recovery which is happening right now and a Biden depression. If he gets elected you will have a depression the likes of which you have never seen,” said President Trump.

Many of the themes in his approximately hour long speech were familiar topics including second amendment rights, COVID-19 lock downs, law and order and a renewed claim that Joe Biden will ban fracking.

“Your fracking and mining industries will be outlawed, exiled, eradicated and totally extinguished and you know it because it’s not up to sleepy Joe, it’s up to others and the party,” said President Trump.

President Trump also told voters in Erie and across Pennsylvania that they will be the difference and admitted that COVID-19 was a political game changer.

“You know before the plague came in, I had it made. I wasn’t coming to Erie. I mean I have to be honest there’s no way I was coming, I didn’t have to. I would have called you and said hey Erie you know if you have a chance get out and vote. We had this thing won,” said President Trump.

The president on numerous occasions urged the crowd to vote while saying “If we win Pennsylvania, we win the whole thing.”

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