Rep. Mike Kelly says he will continue to push election reform in Pennsylvania

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Local Representative Mike Kelly says he will continue his efforts to reform Pennsylvania’s election law despite the attack on the Capitol building Wednesday.

Kelly was preparing to object to Pennsylvania’s delegate vote when insurgents tried to gain access to the house floor. He and other lawmakers were taken to a safe area inside the Capitol.

Kelly objects to Act 77, which allows election officials to accept no excuse mail-in ballots without specific approval from lawmakers.

“Too many irregularities, we need to clean that up and especially the no excuse mail-in ballot. While some people say, well that’s what they passed and that’s what I follow, I say yes, you absolutely did, there’s nothing you did wrong, but the act was wrong,” said Rep. Mike Kelly, 16th District — U.S. House.

Kelly is calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit the issue.

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