Second Lady Karen Pence makes campaign stop in Edinboro

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The race to claim a Presidential victory in Erie County continues, this time in Edinboro. Second Lady Karen Pence making a campaign stop in hopes of helping President Trump’s re-election.

Second Lady Pence made it known that Pennsylvania will play an important role in this year’s election, and how fracking continues to help with job success across the commonwealth.

Pence made a campaign stop in Edinboro, in hopes of gaining Erie County residents’ vote to go red, for a second time.

“He’s all about promises made, promises kept and that’s what I like about this President. If you make a promise to me, I want you to keep it.” Pence said.

Pence expressing how unemployment numbers under President Donald Trump have dropped.

“You are witnessing the great American comeback. Pennsylvania has added 584,800 jobs over the last four months.” Pence said.

A reminder to supporters how more jobs and rebuilding of the economy is expected to continue under President Trump’s leadership.

“Joe Biden had a chance to do something all those years he was in Washington, but what did he do? For 47 years, he supported trade deals that killed American jobs.”

Pence expressing the importance of fracking in Pennsylvania, and how they’ll continue success if President Donald Trump is re-elected.

“We know that fracking has helped to lower energy bills by 40% for your families and your businesses. This President supports fracking.” Pence said.

Second Lady Pence expressed how this Presidential election could make the difference for the next four years, and encourages everyone to go out and vote.

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