Senatorial candidate campaign calls foul on opponent’s ad as Election Day nears

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Over the weekend an ad benefiting the Julie Slomski campaign was sent out focusing on Erie families.

However, a closer look at the ad reveals that nobody in the ad was from Erie.

We spoke with both campaigns to get more information about this ad in order to get more information.

The ad or mailer was sent by a third party group based in Philadelphia, something that the Slomski campaign said they have nothing to do with.

The Laughlin campaign however disagrees.

This letter was sent out to Erie residents and shows everything but Erie according to the Laughlin campaign.

“On the back of it, it talked about Erie families. The kicker is none of the families we have been able to identify have actually been from Erie,” said Logan Ford from the Laughlin Campaign.

The mailer was sent by “Pennsylvania Fund for Change” a third party group not affiliated with the Slomski campaign.

“I encourage people that when they get something in the mail they take a really close look at it. All political communication has a paid for by disclaimer on it and take a look at that,” said Caitlin Handerhan from the Slomski Campaign.

The Laughlin campaign believes the ad by PFC is a prime example of dark money at play.

The Laughlin campaign claims that the group might be an ally of Slomski and that the group does not care about Erie problems.

“Out of the 241,000 people in Erie, it’s just funny the Slomski allies couldn’t get people from Erie,” said Ford.

Ford admits that the letter is not directly from the Slomski campaign.

“They are doing things on her behalf to try and get her elected and Ms. Slomski needs to own that,” said Ford.

“Independent expenditure campaigns often anticipate in elections and the only reason this is a story today is because Dan Laughlin handlers are trying to make it one. He knows he can’t run on his record so they’re trying to make a story when there isn’t one,” said Handerhan.

We did ask the campaigns based off their commercials why this has been such a contentious political season for the two.

Both campaigns said that this is one important race for the area. This comes just under 30 days before the November election.

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