The importance of the four additional ballot questions on the May Primary ballot

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When Pennsylvanians head to the polls in less than 24 hours, everyone will be asked to weigh in on four ballot questions.

Erie County Clerk of Elections Doug Smith said that these questions are important for voters to take a second, review and vote yes or no.

We spoke with Smith to find out more about these questions and why it’s important to consider them.

The Clerk of Elections Doug Smith said that these ballot questions aren’t advisory questions as they could lead to changing the state constitution.

Tuesday is the day of the primary election. Besides voting for your favorite candidates, voters will also be asked to vote yes or no answers to four important questions.

The ballot measures will help shape how Pennsylvania responds to disasters such as the pandemic we are in.

“One contemplates a 21 day limit on the state of emergency that could only be renewable by the assembly, and the other one contemplates voting on an assembly that could be ended,” said Doug Smith, Erie County Clerk of Elections.

Two other questions ask about prohibiting the denial of equality of rights because of race or ethnicity.

The fourth question is in regards to municipal fire and EMS service loans. Smith said that three of the questions are regarding proposed constitutional amendments.

“Those are important issues for future governors and future pandemics certainly and it’s more than likely we will see another one at some point,” said Smith.

Some people say that those ballot questions could help determine everyone’s future.

“If you want to make things better for yourself, for your family, I think it’s really important to take the time and look and make a decision,” said Rose Ronzitti, Erie Resident.

The County Clerk of Elections said for a ballot measure to be approved, it needs to get a yes from at least 50% for those voting.

Douglas Smith also said that the Election Office sent out 18,000 ballots. So far they haven’t received 7,500 of them.

We’re also told that independent voters are able to vote on those four questions before casting their ballots.

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