The security handling process of the mail-in ballots in Erie County

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When it comes to the popularity of mail-in ballots this election season also comes many skeptical and left questioning the security of this new form of voting.

Here is how the elections office is making progress on scanning nearly 60,000 mail-in ballots.

Just short of 60,000 mail-in ballots were sent out to voters who requested them. Just over 50,000 have made it back as of early today.

When the remaining 8,000 arrive they will be in safe hands.

At 7 a.m. elections staff began pre-canvasing 58,000 mail-in ballots. County Councilwoman Mary Rennie was fully confident in the county’s set process.

“We’re not letting the hype and hysteria shake us from a process that’s very carefully thought out step by step,” said Mary Rennie, Erie County Councilwoman.

Ballots made their way from in a secured room where a staff member is escorted by another person from room to room.

“We are taking all the precautions to make sure that we preserve the integrity of the vote,” said Tonia Fernandez, Election Supervisor for Erie County.

Ballots make their way from in a secured room where a staff member is escorted by another person from room to room.

Right now we’re in the room where the ballots are being removed from their envelope from here they’ll go to a secure scanning location.

This is where the actual counting of the ballots takes place. This room includes a scanner and two workers to oversee the process.

“I have no complaints about the way it’s being done. I really feel very good about it. In fact I think everyone whose been involved will say the same thing,” said Rennie.

The chain of custody with the ballots gives a handful of people access to the ballots both pre and post scanning.

“We did not want to get into a situation where multiple people were handling things or multiple rooms maybe off site. We didn’t do that,” said Rennie.

At night the ballots will make their way back inside a locked room.

Without question this will be the most unsatisfying Election to date when it comes to results.

The Elections Office hopes to have everything counted by Friday or Monday at the latest.

The workers will count votes tonight until 11 p.m.

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