Tyler Titus, candidate for Erie county executive, announces victory in the Democratic primary election

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Dr. Tyler Titus, Democratic candidate for Erie county executive, has announced a victory in the Democratic primary election, even though the final results are still not in.

It’s been a competitive primary election for the Democratic candidates running for Erie County Executive. Carl Anderson and Tyler Titus have had a close race, but Titus is still leading with over 200 votes.

If Titus wins the general election, he could be the first transgender county executive in the United States.

Democratic Candidate Tyler Titus has announced a victory as Erie County Executive in the primary election.

“The victory is ours. This victory belongs to the working people of Erie County. This victory belongs to those who want new leadership, who believe in Erie’s future,” Titus said.

According to the LGBTQ Victory Fund, Titus could be the first trans county executive in the United States.

A history professor at Gannon University said that this is a historical moment.

“Dr. Titus was the first, kind of, openly trans-elected member to a school board in the state of Pennsylvania and this is a much higher office, I mean, County Executive of a major county, it’s a significant milestone,” said Dr. Jeff Bloodworth.

“I have no shame in running as my authentic self, but the true historic momentum right now is that we are about to put forward, we did put forward a county executive Democratic nominee who believes in health care for all, education for all, and who believes in fighting for working class families,” said Titus.

Carl Anderson shared his thoughts on Titus’s announcement.

“He also has been out there working to earn the support of his voters. He certainly has done that to an extent,” Anderson said.

The general election will be on November 2nd, 2021.

Anderson said he might be an independent candidate in the fall. He is meeting with his team to make a plan.

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