Votes continue to be counted for a tight Democratic race for Erie county executive

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The Democratic race for Erie county executive continues to be a close one with four candidates in the running. Two of these candidates are in a particularly tight race.

Here is more on the votes that continue to be counted and what this means for candidates Carl Anderson and Tyler Titus.

Votes are continuing to be counted and these candidates say that the numbers are so close that there will likely be a recount.

The two candidates who have been neck and neck all day are Dr. Tyler Titus and County Councilman Carl Anderson.

Erie County Clerk of Elections Doug Smith said that when we have tight races such as this county executive race, there is a degree of pressure to finish the count.

“While you are anxious to finish, it’s important to remain at the proper pace, mindful of the pace, mindful of the quality and the process that we employ so that there can be no questions asked about the handling of the remaining ballots,” said Doug Smith, Erie County Clerk of Elections.

County Councilman Carl Anderson said that though he had a rigorous campaign process, he thought the race might be close.

“Especially with the Democratic numbers, very low turnout, you never know,” said Carl Anderson, (D), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

Dr. Titus said that though the election process can be anxiety inducing, every voter has a voice.

“With the numbers being so close, what matters is that every vote matters. Every voice has to be heard through this,” said Dr. Tyler Titus, (D), Candidate for Erie County Executive.

Dr. Titus said that no matter what the outcome is, this is only the beginning.

“I’m not going anywhere because the county is showing they’re ready. They’re embracing this and they’re ready for that kind of leadership to come forward,” said Dr. Titus.

Despite one candidate claiming victory, the election will not be certified until later this week. The winner will face off against Republican Candidate Brenton Davis in November.

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