With just one week left until Election Day, office workers at the Erie County Election Office are reminding voters what they should do to ensure their votes get counted.

Erie residents told us their experience so far with voting as election office workers want to make sure people adhere to important ballot rules while casting their votes. Before Election Day arrives, election office workers are reminding voters what to expect if they’re a first-time voter.

“You will be asked to see your I.D., so you’ll want to have that available. There are several forms of identification which are acceptable. One would be a utility bill or maybe a work badge,” said Tonia Fernandez, election supervisor.

Fernandez also said that before heading to the polls, voters should check their voter status to see which party they’re registered with and which polling location they are assigned to.

As people continue dropping off their absentee ballots, Fernandez said there are rules people must adhere to at the box.

“According to Pennsylvania Election Code, you can only drop off your own ballot in the drop box; however if you are disabled and you need assistance, you can designate an agent. There is a form called a designated agent form,” Fernandez added. “The voter can designate someone to drop their ballot off for them or to even pick the ballot up for them.”

Residents said the rules are easy to follow but if you need more help, office workers are always willing to help.

“The process is pretty simple. Just come on down to the courthouse and then they walk you right through it. Fill out the paperwork, make your ballot and put it in the box,” Timothy Rys, voter.

“We did a mail-in. We put the wrong ballots in the wrong envelopes and they called us. We came down to make sure we got it right, and our vote counts,” said Karen Nuber, voter.

For more information on the designated forms, head over to the Erie County Courthouse website.