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Warm weather and standing water is the perfect recipe for mosquitoes.  An Erie man says his neighbor’s pool is a breeding ground and he’s looking for help. It’s coverage of Your Story tonight…

Mosquitoes have already tested positive for West Nile Virus in Erie County and the man believes that his neighbor’s property is attracting mosquitoes who are breeding, potentially creating a health hazard. 

Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance, with diseases or even allergies to their bites, they can be downright dangerous. 

Arnold Johnson tells us,  “The mosquitoes are so bad in this area at night you can hardly sit on your porch without being attacked.”

Johnson lives in the 400 block of East 25th Street.  He says the standing water in a neglected pool next door has been a mosquito breeding ground for years. “It’s just all sort of vermin, rats, all sorts of things in that backyard back there, and I think something should be done about it.”

So, we looked for answers.  There was someone inside the house, but they weren’t answering the door. 

Erie County Department of Health’s Director of Environmental Health Services, Karen Tobin, says, “If the house has an owner, then we will work with them to make sure that they drain the water or clean the water so that it is not breeding mosquitoes.”

Tobin says if a homeowner does not comply, the department can take action by using larvicides. “It’s not a chemical. It’s a natural bacteria that will actually be sprinkled into the water, and it will prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.”

And maybe then, Johnson could have a bit of relief. He tells us, “It’s been reported to Code Enforcement and to the Health Department, and I’m just waiting to if any action is going to be taken.”

Tobin says because such a situation is deemed a health hazard, complaints can be reported to them. 

She says the department will pay a visit to the house, but she’s asking all residents to be mindful of old tires, empty pots, bird feeders, or any other items that could collect standing water. 

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