Youth groups from across the country gather in North East

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Bus after bus rolled into North East High School’s parking lot Sunday, but the kids getting dropped off weren’t exactly from the neighborhood. 
“Well it was a long bus ride. We were about 14 hours away so we stayed the night at a church,” said Lola Baudek.
Baudek and her mission group traveled all the way from Minnesota to take part in Workcamps.
Teens from across the country will work together to repair 60 homes locally, and their to-do list is pretty hefty. 
The program’s local coordinator JoAnn Jeska said, “porches, steps, wheelchair ramps, painting inside, painting outside, trailer skirting, roofing and some weatherization.” 
Volunteers told us with God on their side, they’re ready to take on that work load.
“Everyone knows that it’s just the right thing to do. You always want to help people because you never know. They could’ve served in the war for you. People have died for us and stuff so I always think it’s great to do that,” said Andrew Yevlli, a volunteer from Virginia. 
Coordinators said teenagers doing good for others is a message that deserves more attention.
“Here’s a great example of an awful lot of great kids willing to serve in a community that they don’t belong to, just sleeping on the floor, eating cafeteria food,” Jeska said. 
Lily Kerska, a volunteer from Minnesota said, “I think it shows that we can have a brighter future than we do now and that this generation is stepping up to making the world a better place.” 


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