Reactions to Pennsylvania’s mandatory mask order


In the state of Pennsylvania, masks are mandatory when you leave your home.

This means when you are outside and unable to be six feet away from people whom you don’t live with, it should be on.

According to the governor’s order, you also must wear one in any indoor location or when waiting for, riding in, driving, or operating public transportation.

We caught up with some residents to see how they feel about the order.

“I don’t mind them,if it protects someone and protects me, I don’t mind a bit,” says Erie resident Janet Nutter.

Daniel Sullivan who is visiting Erie says, “I don’t believe in it, but I totally respect it. I have a pocket full of masks right here, I’m not going to fight it. I believe the Coronavirus is out there and of course I have to watch out for my fellow citizens.”

According to the order, you should have a mask on when obtaining healthcare services and when actively working.

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