The U.S. Supreme Court is confirming the leak of a draft opinion, which apparently reflects the conservative majority’s plan to vote to overturn the landmark Roe V. Wade decision.

The court cautioned that the draft opinion is not final. If and when the decision is announced, it will change the law concerning abortion.

Currently under Roe V. Wade, the right to an abortion is protected under federal law. Under the new opinion, that would no longer be the case.

Erie locals are reacting to the draft opinion.

The possible move by the Supreme Court will move the decision on whether or not abortion is legal from the federal government to the state level. So, what does that mean for Pennsylvania?

“This means that states like Pennsylvania, which is surprisingly to many people a very socially conservative state, is likely to outlaw abortions or make them very, very difficult for a woman to have,” said Dr. Joe Morris, Political Science Department Chair at Mercyhurst University.

If the leak turns out to be the decision of the court, those who are pro-life say this is a step in the right direction of overturning Roe V. Wade.

“We do anticipate that there’s going to be movement on Roe V. Wade given the makeup of our Supreme Court. I’m still surprised, maybe it just sounds too good to be true. I’m still optimistic that Roe v. Wade will be totally ‘overturned,'” said Tim Broderick, Executive Director at People For Life.

However, those who are pro-choice say the decision could be dangerous.

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“Abortions aren’t going to end just because it’s illegal, we’ve experienced that already. What it’s going to do is it’s going to make it more dangerous and it’s going to harm the folks that have been harmed over and over,” said Kristy Gnibus, Candidate for Democratic State Committee.

Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. released a statement on the repercussions of the leak. To read the statement in full, click here.