Good news for passengers who fly to Chicago from the Erie International Airport, one airline is increasing capacity with their flights in and out of Erie.

United Airline is taking a huge step forward to accommodate their passengers that fly out of our airport.

On March 4th, United will begin operating a larger aircraft to and from the Erie International Airport to Chicago O’Hare.

The affected flights will be United’s morning departure and last arrival of the day. Currently both smaller plans that that fly in out of the market seat 50.

The new aircraft will be able to hold 70 passengers including first class and equipped with wi-fi. The Executive Director of the Airport Authority said the airline has been looking to bring larger aircrafts to the community.

“Prior to the pandemic United and American airlines, we’re looking to bring bigger aircraft into the community. The pandemic slowed that down with reduction of travel and the pilot shortage that took place after that,” said Derek Martin, Executive Director of the Erie Airport Authority.

This improvement is also expected to connect Erie with hundreds of domestic and international destinations.

One potential flyer is excited for these expansions and the accommodations that the plane has to offer.

“I go to Chicago a lot. Wi-Fi is a plus. I work on the go and sometimes when there’s no Wi-Fi I’m just like, I’d rather be working.” Nicole Harvim, traveler.

Harvim is from Atlanta, and she usually flies out of Cleveland and Pittsburgh for her destinations.  She said she would change her travel plans especially if first class is an option.

“Knowing that’s available, I’d probably fly straight out of Erie. I wouldn’t have to travel to travel so,” Harvim explained.

The Executive Director of the Airport Authority said that the airport lost seats throughout the pandemic and this expansion is a step in the right direction.