Meadville bus driver bonding with former students through personalized letters


Every holiday, one Meadville woman takes the time to write out 60 personalized letters to students that she drove to preschool. Even though her time with them is short, she is leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

JET 24 Action News’ Chelsey Withers took a look at how one family wants to show their appreciation for what she does.

What started off as just a ride to preschool has turned into a lifelong relationship.

“It’s incredible because memories fade, but for 15 years, she lets me know that she is a person that cares about me in her life.” said Luke Marshall.

Not only has the kind gesture touched the now 18-year old’s heart, but his family’s as well.

“It shows that the human connections and the kindness is what matters. The generosity that she makes financially to do all of this, but the amount of time it takes.” said Angie Marshall, Luke’s mom.

So why take the time to do this for kids she meets at an early age?

“Because I love them.” said Linda Dutcher, student bus driver.

The reason this all started was to help with Linda and a young man she had taken as one of her own have something they could do.

“There were a lot of things that they said Brian couldn’t do, so introducing him to cards and that’s one thing he loved to do and so we continued it on every holiday.”

As Luke moved on to the next phase of life, he says there are lessons from Linda that he will take with him.

“Every person that I come across, whether its a short part of my life or a long part of my life, I should care about them more.” Luke said.

Linda recently lost Brian but she said that won’t stop her from pressing stamps on envelopes throughout the year.

“As I’m making out the cards, I get to talk to Brian and tell him ‘Do you remember Luke?’ and I sometimes feel like he answers me. It is very rewarding.”

It is a tradition that goes on with every student that Linda has driven in her career and bringing a smile to many every holiday.

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