A National Fuel Gas pipe was hit by an excavator evacuating neighboring homes and apartments along West 38th Street.

That leak closed a portion of the road. Earlier the smell of gas filled the area but crews continued to work to fix the damaged pipe which led to multiple evacuations.

A broken National Fuel Gas pipe closed the 3100 block of West 38th Street and prompted the evacuation of neighboring homes.

“I was a little like, ‘are you serious cause I was just playing games on my phone,’ and they said no we are serious,” said Pam Suter, evacuated resident.

National Fuel Gas officials said they stopped the leak before any build-up of gas. Residents were then able to return to their homes.

A spokesperson said a search showed only five to six residents were affected by the leak.

Pam Suter was one of them.

“I was just leaving and they did say I could go back down, but they want to go through my apartment with a meter to check if there’s any gas in there,” Suter added.

Millcreek Township is asking any residents who notice a lingering gas odor in the area to contact National Fuel Gas.

“I’m very relieved that I’m okay and that everybody in the building is okay. Everyone who’s pretty much affected by it, they all evacuated like they were told to, so like they always say, better safe than sorry,” said Suter.

If you are traveling that way you can go around the closed area by traveling east and west on Aberdeen Ave, via Lancaster or Amherst.