New details emerging about the factory massacre in Aurora, Illinois.


Many in the Aurora community still grappling with how a longtime employee  of 15  years could walk into the Henry Pratt Factory and open fire. Police saying 45 year old Gary Martin walked and opened fire. Martin was fatally shot by police . Investigators says he knew he was getting fired, when he brought a loaded Smith and Wesson pistol.

Five people are dead and  11 injured, including five Aurora Police officers. Police saying Martin should not have had the gun, revealing background checks missed his prior felony conviction which should have stopped him from purchasing a weapon. Henry Pratt Company planned to fire him saying, pre-employment background checks also missed his criminal past. Many standing in the freezing rain Sunday night to honor those who lost their lives.

Five crosses now sit in front of the manufacturing company.  One for each victim killed during the shooting. Of the victims is 21-year-old Northern Illinois university student, Trevor Wehner. Wehner had just started his internship with the company.

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