While the tall ships along Erie’s bayfront are a sight to see, inside the Bayfront Convention Center, a Maritime Marketplace is set up to showcase local vendors.

Large crowds saw the large ships but also walked through the Maritime Marketplace during day two of Tall Ships Erie.

The vendors ranged from local wineries to candy shops and photographers. Two local vendors said so far this weekend has been very busy and is a great way to bring in more business.

“It’s so great to see familiar faces people I’ve grown up with and done business with. It’s great here and when Erie does something, it’s big. The whole community comes out to support,” said George Merced, owner of Chrome Premium Cigars.

“I do a lot of local stuff, I’m from Harbor Creek. I have stuff from all over the place, but a lot of people come, you know. They’re here for local photography, something to take home with them from the tall ships,” said Scott Peterman, owner of Peterman Photography.

You can check out Peterman Photography and Chrome Premium Cigars inside the convention center until the end of the weekend.