Following a ruling in the masking lawsuit against North East and Millcreek school districts, residents are sharing their reactions to the judge’s decision.

The lawsuit was a battle between the parents and both school districts. The parents wanted the districts to remove masking requirements in the schools. Parents also were seeking the removal of the school directors. The parents alleged that the masking mandates were unlawful.

According to the president of the North East School Board, Erie County Judge Erin Connelly has dismissed the lawsuit.

Sarah Monroe, a North East resident, believed masks should be left up to the families.

“I think that the parents should ultimately have the decision in sending their kids to school, and I think the school did it correctly. I think if you feel like your child needs to mask, it should be optional,” Monroe said.

Samantha Kuhn of North East supported the masks.

“I fully agree with the masks on especially protecting our older generation and especially with kids that live with their grandparents or someone who’s easily sick. It’s definitely important to protect that,” Kuhn said.

Following the decision, the parents in the lawsuit will not have to compensate the school districts for their legal costs.