Several local groups are trying to halt the start of the Bayfront Parkway Improvement Project.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is accepting bids for that project starting next week.

These groups said this project will negatively impact the environment and neighborhoods on Erie’s East Side.

Several local groups are hoping to stall the bayfront parkway improvement project which could start before the end of the year.

One local architect said recent studies indicate this project overlooks the nearby residents and pedestrians.

“What they’re doing here is not to serve the bayfront or the downtown. It’s to serve people that are cutting across town to the other side,” said Adam Trot.

Trot said the bayfront is not the right place for this kind of cross-town traffic. Instead, he proposed drivers use 12th Street.

He said there should also be more traffic stops on the parkway to make access to the bayfront more pedestrian-friendly.

“If we keep having stop so that pedestrians and non-vehicles can cross safely, now the psychology changes and your not seeing this as your hyper express way anymore,” Trot added.

One county councilman said residents in his district are voicing their concerns over the problems this project poses for east side neighborhoods.

“They felt that the pollution and the noise and the speeds that the vehicles go on the highway will not be beneficial to the residents who live here,” said Andre Horton.

Horton said residents would like to see PennDOT reconsider the project and to make it more environmentally friendly.

He said he’s asking PennDOT officials if there are other cities creating double-lane roundabouts and designs of this nature.

“I don’t believe that there are any, I believe that the residents, not only the residents of the second legislative district but every resident in Erie County, deserve better,” Horton added.

It’s a $100 million project and PennDOT officials hope to start it as early as this November.