The City of Erie Streets Department was busy on June 15 paving near the intersection of East 37th St and Holland St.

“The well-being of your employees is a big factor. We don’t want any of our guys passing out from heat exhaustion and things like that and making sure that our guys are safe. We try to follow all the safety protocols,” said Jeff Gibbens, Erie Streets Department.

They make sure the workers stay hydrated by giving them water and keeping coolers on site. The workers also take breaks in the shade as well as work early hours.

“Usually in the summer, we switch from 6 to 2, so our guys come in at 6 a.m. and work until 2 p.m. so they get a chance to start before the heat really kicks in. We’re getting ready to switch to that schedule shortly.

We also caught up with a group of roofers. They said they also drink lots of water and take breaks when they need them.

“When we are up on a roof, it is way hotter there than on the ground, so it is real easy to lose energy and heat exhaustion happens pretty quickly up on the roof, so we make sure we take a lot of breaks,” said Justin Fowler, Pinnacle Roofing & Construction Co.

Fowler added that this is the beginning of the worst part of the season.

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“Right around now is when it gets really hot and we got to really watch ourselves and pay attention to how we are feeling and all that stuff. These next two months or so are probably the worst for sure,” Fowler said.