Discover Presque Isle week is coming to a close after a successful week of activities but not after another full day of fun today.

Park guests were able to enjoy a pancake breakfast at the rotary pavilion, partake in a sand sculpture building competition and practice their archery skills at the peninsula on Saturday.

The comforting smell of maple syrup and breakfast foods filled the air early Saturday morning at the rotary pavilion.

The pancake breakfast, sponsored by the Presque Isle Rotary Club and the Presque Isle Partnership, served nearly 1,800 to 2,000 breakfasts to hungry families.

This has become a summer weekend tradition for some people.

“Yeah I mean its one of those things that is I think one of those constants on Presque Isle is coming down on the weekend and and having a breakfast. Whether you bring your own and a charcoal grill and a picnic table, or you come to the pancake breakfast where it is all done for you by volunteers. It’s a tradition for a lot of people,” said Jon DeMarco, executive director at Presque Isle Partnership.

Other activities that people enjoyed throughout the day included a sand sculpture competition on Beach 11 and archery practice near Beach 4.

Just beyond the pancake breakfast, the Sons of Lake Erie invited guests to fish with them.

Organizers of discover Presque Isle tell us that one of the things they’re most excited about is how people continue to come back to the area from all over.

“We have people that come every year with their families, they look forward to it. We had a number of out of town guests today that identify themselves as their first time here, and they can’t wait to come back,” said Lisa Graff, from the Presque Isle Rotary Club. “Presque Isle is such a jewel for our city, and we appreciate it and we love everything the park has to offer. We want to be a part of continuing to make that happen.”

Activities for the day conclude with fire performers and giant beach bonfire that is free to the public. The performances start at 7:30 p.m. and the fire is at 9 p.m. Both are on Beach 11.