U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly’s office announced the 2023 community project funding list on Thursday.

The list is made up of 15 projects throughout the five counties making up Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District.

This year’s list of projects totals to over $45 million in funding.

Included on that list is $4 million to the Erie County Redevelopment Authority for the development of the former EMI site.

From this funding, $4.4 million will be given to the Erie Metropolitan Planning Organization for a pedestrian bridge over the Bayfront Parkway at the foot of Sassafras Street.

Over two million will be given to the Erie Western Pennsylvania Port Authority to update the lighting system at Dobbins Landing.

The Erie International Airport will receive $5.2 million for a deicing apron where aircrafts can be sprayed.

Representative Kelly took input from local leaders before submitting the list to the Biden Administration.

“This is our list of the most important things we think we can do that there’s an actual return on that now, not some time in the future but we start now and it will continue to benefit those communities in the future,” said Representative Mike Kelly, (R), 16th District.