Crews in Crawford County have been busy clearing damage and restoring power after wicked weather hit the area over the weekend.

The strong wind gusts did significant damage to utilities throughout the county, leaving more than 20K people without power.

Brian Wilk was live with more on how officials worked together to get the lights and heat back on for the community.

Meadville was hit especially hard. But almost everybody has power now.

Stormy weather over the weekend left thousands of residents in the dark. Crews were very busy, but things are returning to normal.

“We’ve had a lot of trees and wires down, fire alarms, carbon monoxide and our emergency medical calls; nothing significant, nothing major,” said Patrick Wiley, fire chief, City of Meadville.

The chief has some sage advice if you come across a downed power line or trees.

“If you see them down call 911. Call the fire, call police, call emergency services. Do not walk up to them, do not touch anything, do not try and handle that. If its in the street, go around, don’t try and drive through anything,” said Wiley.

The city manager is glad things area returning to normal and that the city and county crews worked well together through this difficult situation.

“I think it’s a good showing for the community to see how we can come together in times of emergencies. We all work well together, we have a list of contacts for each organization. People are very open to answering their phones and helping out and doing whatever they can,” said Maryann Menanno, Meadville city manager.

The emergency management director at Crawford County agrees it’s a community effort.

“All emergencies are local, so everyone in those municipalities working together to make things safe for the residents,” said Allen Clark, emergency management director, Crawford County.

Click here to see in real-time the FirstEnergy power outage map.