The Tamarack Wildlife Center is releasing four of its patients back into the wild on Friday.

Fontaine Glenn was there for two of those releases, and has more on what it takes to get them ready for take off.

Four patients at Tamarack Wildlife Center are ready to take flight after several weeks of treatment.

The red-tailed hawk and Turkey vulture passed their flight test ahead of being released.

“Unable to stand, unable to fly due to injuries and illness. To see him recover, fully pass his flight tests, pass his physical exam, and then be ready to go, it’s what we do it for, it makes it all worthwhile,” said Carol Holmgren, executive director, head licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

In addition, an American crow will be released on Friday after being treated since the middle of August.

The center offers more than just medical treatment, but they also teach the public about local wildlife.

“While we treat over 1,000 patients a year, we field hundreds of thousands of phone calls helping people understand the wildlife that are in their area, if it needs help,” said Jessica Schombert, wildlife rehabilitation manager.

Schombert said this year the center is seeing about a 90 percent release rate among their patients.

“You’re not sure if they’re gonna make it. Usually the first 48 hours are really dicey. So seeing them go from that to soaring for at least 20 minutes, it’s really, really incredible,” said Schombert.

A great horned owl will also be released on Friday at dusk.