Vernon Township supervisors in Crawford County were putting public safety and police services in the spotlight.

They are looking into the opportunity to either regionalize with another municipality or contract for services. This would allow the City of Meadville to allow police services to Vernon Township 24/7.

As Vernon Township grows, the need for police services and public safety also increases.

Vernon Township Supervisor Robert Horvat said they are exploring the option of an inter-municipal police services contract with the City of Meadville.

The contract would provide around the clock police coverage and a greater level of public safety.

“They would have a car and officers assigned to the township, their officers would handle all calls for service for anytime that you would call 911 and anytime you need an officer they would be on the ones that would respond,” Horvat said.

He said this would be long-term contract that would help with the township’s growth.

The Meadville police chief said neither the City of Meadville, nor Vernon Township were in the position to where this has to take place.

“We are very lucky in that, but we are at the time and place where it makes the most sense. Makes the most sense for the safety of the City of Meadville and the safety for the citizens for Vernon Township,” said Chief Michael Stefanucci.

“Meadville is always eager to help other municipalities regardless of a MOU and our first priority is safety and that safety to everyone in the surrounding areas,” said Jaime Kinder, City of Meadville Mayor.

Horvat said they want to throughout vet the idea…The next step would involve a special meeting to gather input from the public.