Conservation, education, and preservation are the focus of a transfer of land between a local university and Asbury Woods.

Forty acres of land from the James Wildlife Preserve Mercyhurst University adjoining Asbury Woods is being given to the nature preserve, that the executive director, Jennifer Farrar, says will meet the intent of the land being permanently conserved.

The executive director explained the entire process took several years of the two parties meeting, with help from a funding package to make it possible.

The president of Mercyhurst University, Kathleen Getz, says the land transfer was one of the easiest decisions she has made in her year and a half as president.

“We actually had started about six months ago a new master site plan that took into account these forty acres, along with the eleven acres that we were able to purchase last year, so that we can make really thoughtful decisions about how we use each of the different parts of the land,” said Jennifer Farrar, executive director, Asbury Woods.

Farrar said some of the land will be more conserved with less people access to maintain sensitive wildlife or plant life.