The city is looking for the public’s feedback, inviting community members to historic preservation meetings.

The City of Erie created their own Historic Preservation Taskforce in 2019. In the last several years, they have worked on eight projects.

The city’s historic preservation planner says now they are looking for input from the community to learn more about what preservation could look like in Erie.

They are hosting meetings next week on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday’s meeting is at the New Life and Spirit Revival Center on East 9th Street at 7 p.m.

The preservation planner says its important for Erie residents to have a say in future projects.

“The city can act kind of as a facilitator to bring people together, and that’s what we’re trying to do, because we don’t want to just focus on places like West 6th Street, we want to approach other communities in Erie that maybe don’t have the grand architecture, but have great historic stories and still the buildings that represent those communities,” said Chris Kinder, City of Erie Preservation Planner.

There are two public meetings on Tuesday as well. Click here to learn more.