The City of Erie is looking for feedback from residents on improving public parks and spaces.

There’s a new online survey for city residents. It’s an opportunity for the public to have some input when it comes to improving city parks.

The City of Erie is dedicating $5 million of American Rescue Plan funding to improve parks and neighborhood spaces.

Residents can suggest changes like security cameras, pedestrian safety improvements, benches and much more.

The city’s neighborhood planner said this is a great opportunity for residents to have their voices heard.

“The best park is the one that’s being used by the residents that live there. So we want to hear from people, what kind of park do you want? What kind of park would you use? So whether that’s a splash pad or whether that’s just a bench where you can look out over the lake, whatever park people are looking for, that’s the one that we want to implement through this process,” Erin Carey, neighborhood planner, City of Erie.

Click here for a link to that survey.