The Erie County Executive is presenting the 2024 proposed budget to county council. He said the proposal includes what he calls a modest tax increase.

The county executive says the proposal highlights aspects that are expected to help move Erie County forward.

The 2024 proposed budget is being presented to Erie County Council from Erie County Executive Brenton Davis.

“Looking at the new and unexpected costs we had many different expenditures that increased, record high inflation, record high union contracts,” said Davis.

He said the main priorities of the proposed budget are meeting state-mandated services required to county government and economic development to create a pro-growth and pro-economy county.

While he previously said he would not propose a tax increase, Davis said it is difficult to predict what will happen from year to year.

“It’s having shovel-ready, mega sites, and buildable land shovel-ready. Land to have a pro-growth economy as opposed to the regressive economy that we have now,” said Davis.

As the 2024 proposed budget was presented to the council – Davis looked back on the 2023 budget and vetoes.

“I stand behind my legal advice and having the ability to do so and council failed to take the vote to override that veto. There’s a process in place for that, they failed to do, so it took law ten days later,” said Davis.

The chairman of County Council says efforts are being made to potentially find a solution and resolve the matter.

“Council, we came together, and we voted seven-zero for the solicitors to start a conversation, and that’s exactly where we’re at. They’re going to have a conversation, the paperwork’s been signed to make it official. That way hopefully we can resolve this,” said Brian Shank, the Council President of Erie County Council.

Davis said Erie County will look to realign gaming revenue in the future. You can watch a 2021 “Meet the Candidates” interview that Davis participated in during the campaign online here.