Update: During tonight’s meeting, Erie City Council voted 5-2 in favor of the raise.

Erie City Council is discussing a potential salary increase this evening.

Several council members told us that they support the proposal which would double council’s pay.

Several city councilmembers said that they would vote in favor of the pay raise this evening.

However, the president of council said that doubling the salary is not necessary.

City council members could see an increase in salary after 2024.

City Councilwoman Jasmine Flores sponsored a resolution to double the salary of several city council members.

While several members said that they are in favor of the resolution, Erie City Council President Liz Allen said that doubling the salary may not be necessary.

“It might be really hard to put a price tag on what it is that you’re doing. I will say that Erie City Council’s current pay is pretty much in the ball park of what other city councils are getting in Pennsylvania,” said Liz Allen, Erie City Council President.

The resolution would increase the annual salary from $6,000 a year to $10,000 a year. The council president’s salary would also increase going from $7,500 a year to $12,000.

Councilman Ed Brezinski said that the city has not increased council’s salary since 1986. He said that when he served on council in 1988 he proposed a pay raise and was turned down.

He expects a different vote on Wednesday night.

“I tried to put in raises for the mayor and city council and I got accused of trying to raise the mayor’s salary so I could run for mayor. You know that’s the kind of political pressure that they put on people, but I think it’s going to go forward tonight,” said Ed Brezinski, Erie City Councilman.

Mayor Schember said that he recognizes council’s commitment to the city, and he supports the proposed pay raise.

“It’s been a long, long time since there’s been any kind of pay increase. This seems reasonable to me. What they’re talking about, around $10,000 and I think they have the votes for it as well. We have plenty of time to get that into our budget for future years because none of these sitting city council members will get that. It’ll be all the new ones that get elected going forward,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D), City of Erie.

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Again, that meeting will take place on Aug. 17 at 7:30 p.m. We will keep you updated later on how council votes.