There’s an opportunity for Erie County residents to sell unwanted guns this Saturday, Oct. 28, from noon to four p.m. at Erie Fire Department’s Central Station on West 12th Street.

The Erie County District Attorney said her office is holding the gun buyback event to hopefully save lives.

“To allow people with unwanted firearms in their home, to bring it to us that day, have them safely destroyed and keep them out of the hands of children, teenagers and criminals. It’s really more of a safety initiative,” said Beth Hirz, the Erie County District Attorney.

Hirz said other Pennsylvania counties have hosted successful gun buyback events, and she reached out to their district attorney offices to bring back this event.

Those bringing in firearms can receive $100 to $200 in Country Fair gift cards based on the kind of weapon.

“It’s completely anonymous. There’s no identification needed. They will open their trunk; our detectives will go in the back of the trunk and take whatever firearms are in there unloaded. They need to come in with them unloaded,” said Hirz.

City of Erie Police said they recognize the need to get unwanted guns off the streets.  

“We would encourage you to get rid of those firearms. Like I said, there are ways to do that. The district attorney’s buyback event is one of those, and we would rather see you do that than have these guns fall into the wrong hands,” said Rick Lorah, Deputy Chief of Erie police.

Lorah said so far this year, 59 guns have been reported stolen in the City of Erie. He added the department has recovered 205 stolen guns in 2023 alone.