The Erie County Executive is submitting the 2023 budget proposal that covers aspects to help find what he calls a “happy medium.”

The county executive’s budget proposal is for more than $570 million that he says will help residents after pandemic-related struggles and find balance between workers and taxpayers.

Erie County Executive Brenton Davis is proposing his 2023 budget to Erie County Council. The budget proposal will cover aspects that are currently impacting the average taxpayer.

“There’s a lot of challenges and a lot of things that we had to work out. Obviously in the current labor market we’ve got some shortages, we’ve got ongoing union negotiations. There’s a lot of aspects of this budget, health costs are going up,” said Brenton Davis, Erie County Executive. 

The county executive said the budget will help taxpayers as they recover from pandemic-related struggles.

“We can’t solve all of our financial issues in one bite of the apple, so we had to find what I believe is the best and most responsible pathway forward, and that’s providing a balanced budget,” said Davis.

In the proposed budget, there’s something residents can look forward to.

“There’s no proposed tax increase. What council does with that after that, but I put forward no tax increase in this year’s budget,” said Davis.

The Erie County Council chairman told us the next steps will involve a thorough examination of the budget before it moves forward.

“I’m going to take it home, and I’m going to look at it. And I will give it to council, they’ll get copies of it. Then we’re going to go line by line, step by step, dollar by dollar, and make sure that the county executive did his job properly, which I don’t doubt,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Council chairman. 

The chairman said he is making a promise that he will not pass it or sign it unless it comes back balanced.