Families in Erie may have the opportunity to receive closure on cases that went unsolved.

The City of Erie is receiving a grant through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for a quarter of a million dollars to fund a full-time sergeant in the criminal investigations division that will look at cold cases in Erie.

The Deputy Chief of Police Rick Lorah said any cases that merit a second look will be reviewed with the new technology that is available today. Deputy Lorah added that they will resubmit forensic evidence and re-interview witnesses of the cold cases that date as far back as possible.

“What we’re looking for is just someone that has a little bit of experience investigating crimes up here that has some time on the job as a detective. We’ll post for that position, and once that position is awarded, I will wait for the funds to become available, and then he’ll begin his work,” said Deputy Chief Rick Lorah, City of Erie Police Department Criminal Investigations Division.

Deputy Chief Lorah said families deserve to have the cold cases looked into and justice as a result.