There’s an ongoing effort to protect Erie’s landmarks. The city’s Historic Preservation Task Force has made progress since 2019.

The task force was created more than two years ago to identify city landmarks that should be preserved and potentially listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Since the group was created, they appointed the city’s Historic Review Commission in May of 2021.

Federal grants are being secured, and the city’s first-ever Historic Preservation Planner, Chris Kinder, was appointed last October.

Kinder says preservation efforts increase Erie’s safe and welcoming neighborhoods and also stimulate economic growth.

“Cities across the country have used historic preservation, not only to just preserve buildings, but to revitalize cities. It’s not about turning buildings into museums or anything like that, but using these historic buildings as a means to recreate memories in the city,” said Chris Kinder, Historic Preservation Planner.

The city was recently awarded a $25,000 Historic Preservation Planning Grant for 2022. They will conduct a citywide survey of buildings in Erie.