City leaders are providing an update on an investment playbook, announcing a group called Infinite Erie.

The playbook highlights eight leading entities that promote economic growth in Erie.

Organizations include the Erie Community Foundation, Diverse Erie, the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, among several others.

The playbook serves as a to-do list for pursuing funding that would best serve Erie residents.

Infinite Erie will implement Erie’s investment playbook by attracting more funding.

“Whether it’s ‘Erie Refocused‘ or ‘Emerge 2040,’ the neighborhood plans, the downtown plans, there have been a lot of plans created in Erie probably over the past 8 to 10 years, and those plans are really what is informing this work. So we’re taking those plans and putting them into action, identifying projects that are investment ready,” said Kim Thomas, director, Infinite Erie.

Using the playbook, the Erie Action Team has secured about $27,000 in funding this year.