Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, the lot across from Erie County Veterans Memorial Park has been cleaned up.

The property across from Veterans Memorial Park on Glenwood Park Avenue has been cleaned up after a notice from City of Erie Code Enforcement.

According to the owner of the lot, cars and debris have accumulated from other area residents. He added that once he received a blighted property notice, he informed authorities on contributing factors.

Officials with City of Erie Code Enforcement said they are pleased with the response as well as the timely clean-up.

“Actually, I’m looking for a camera system that’s self-contained so I can get the people’s numbers for the people that dropped the tires off. They weren’t my cars, they just brought them here and dumped them,” said Mike Freeman, property owner.

“It was very good timing. In fact, it was just blighted on the 11th and I think they cleaned it up a couple of days after that, which normally we don’t get that fast of a response. It makes our job a little easier,” said Mike Lavery, City of Erie Demolition Coordinator.

An expansion project at Veterans Memorial Park could start as soon as summer 2022. Improvements include adding a parking lot.