Steps are being taken to fill the position of former Erie County Councilwoman Mary Rennie as she announced her resignation.

Jim Wertz of the Erie County Democratic Party said Rock Copeland will be the best fit on the ballot based on his previous advocacy for other candidates.

The new name is being added to the 2023 general election ballot to replace former Erie County Councilwoman Mary Rennie following her resignation announcement on July 24.

“The county party met last Saturday to decide on who the Democratic nominee to replace her on the ballot would be. So we had a vote on that it was 12 to 5 in my favor to put me on the ballot,” said Rock Copeland, democratic nominee for Erie County Council District 3.

Copeland said there has been a united front behind him with Democrats all over Erie County and his district rallying in support.

“I think right now everybody’s concern is the budget, and Rock knows budgets. I think he will be a tireless advocate for folks, not only in the third County Council District, but a great fiscal watch dog for all of Erie County,” said Jim Wertz, chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party.

Wertz said he feels Copeland would be a good fit on Erie County Council with his experience of serving others.

“Rock has been a tireless advocate for candidates and for the community and our committee. Folks just believe that he was going to be the best candidate to take over the spot on the ballot,” Wertz said.

Copeland told us what he feels his duties would be should he be elected to county council.

“We are an administer of state mandated services. Most of the funds come from the state to serve that purpose, and just being a good steward of that money and making sure that the core mission is achieved — that we’re providing the health and human services,” Copeland said.

Copeland said he will continue serving on the sewer authority after recently being appointed to that position.