A local pastor is reacting Monday to a man with a BB gun during Sunday Mass.

Pastor Philip Pinczewski of Blessed Sacrament Church said a man was acting awkwardly and not participating in church activities with other parishioners.

He said people with police experience observed his behavior and noticed the end of a gun after sitting behind him towards the end of Mass.

Pastor Pinczewski said people then responded with caution in order to protect the parishioners. Despite the situation, he is reminding people that safety measures are still in place for all services.

“Sundays, doors are open, but we try to keep an eye on what’s going on. We’re going to review our safety procedures and make sure that we might make some improvements. The ushers have talked to me recently and that they were going to be discussing it further on Thursday,” said Pastor Philip Pinczewski, Blessed Sacrament Church.

He added that safety is in place for the school as no one can enter without being buzzed in by the staff.