The City of Erie has dedicated a portion of West 6th Street to Thomas B. Hagen after decades of giving back to his childhood neighborhood.

Fontaine Glenn was live the studio with more on today’s dedication.

Thomas Hagen celebrated his 87th birthday on Monday, getting what he calls the most unique and wonderful birthday present he has ever had.

In 2021, the City of Erie voted to dedicate a portion of West 6th Street from Myrtle to Chestnut streets to Thomas B. Hagen for his countless investments into the Erie community.

“There have been a lot of successful people in the City of Erie, but nobody, nobody, nobody came close to Mr. Hagen as far as giving back. All you got to do is look around, anyplace you look, he’s got his fingerprint here,” said Ed Brzezinski, Erie City Council Member.

Hagen has purchased and restored multiple properties along West 6th Street where he grew up. Since 2017, more than 20 restoration projects have been completed.

“The important thing is to invest some time and effort. Not necessarily money, time and effort, cleaning up property, painting, trim on a house, whatever it may be,” said Thomas B. Hagen, chairman of the board, Erie Insurance.

While Hagen has gone above and beyond for the Erie community, Erie Mayor Joe Schember advises to start small and give back to your local organizations.

“Most of us probably can’t give as much money as Tom has to things like this, but give to the projects you want to help in the community. Give to the nonprofits that need your help. I’d encourage everybody to do that, Tom is setting a great example. He’s giving far and above what he needs to do. He’s leaving his mark on Erie,” said Mayor Joe Schember, D, City of Erie.

As for future projects, Hagen says there are many more in the works. Of those multiple future projects, three are in partnership with Gannon University.