The founder of a California renewable energy startup visited Erie on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

William Lyman, the founder of California based Breakwave Energy, toured Penn State Behrend’s Resolve Project and Gannon University’s Project NePTWNE.

Lyman and his company focus on turning natural energy into electricity and are developing a technology that will use waves to power turbines, desalination equipment and dredging machinery.

On the evening of Oct. 17, Erie County Council voted 5-2 to push forward with a Gannon University water research lab that will make its home in the Blasco Library.

Lyman said he supports this and has been looking to have partnerships with students.

“What was passed last night was obviously a bipartisan effort. I think everybody across the board can see that is absolutely beneficial for the town of Erie. So, it’s nice to come on the heels of that and be a part of something that is beneficial to the community as a whole and looks to make the lake and the health of everything else better,” said Lyman.

Lyman says he sees a future in Erie as a possible location for a future manufacturer of his prototype innovation.