The Salvation Army is looking for volunteers to man Red Kettles this holiday season.

Leaders from the Salvation Army in Erie are encouraging community members to volunteer with the Red Kettle program.

In Erie, the Salvation Army has less 10 volunteers across the 17 locations in the area.

Captain Denise Martin says she’s been working with the Salvation Army for many years now. She explains how rewarding it is to volunteer.

“I’ve been out on the kettles myself and it’s always so heartwarming to hear the stories of why people give. And a lot of times they’ll stop and tell you, ‘well I give because when I was a kid the Salvation Army helped my dad and my mom provide us with Christmas when we had a rough time,'” said Captain Denise Martin, Salvation Army Erie.

A Salvation Army employee explains why volunteers are needed. She says their service helps people year round.

“It’s critical to the things that we do. We have a women’s group that meets regularly. We have other organizations that use our buildings. So we want to make sure we keep the lights on, keep the heat on. We’re starting our senior program back up,” said Martin.

Martin says the money donated goes towards initiatives in the Erie community that help those in poverty find jobs, pay rent and put food on the table.

The director of social services says without enough volunteers they are struggling to collect their annual goal of $125,000.

“It’s wonderful to have the outreach for volunteers. We really appreciate it. We couldn’t do what we do without volunteers. This time of year pulls at people’s hearts for a lot of different reasons, so we just appreciate whatever anyone can do, whether it’s giving time, monetary donations,” said Clara Holden, director of social services, Salvation Army.

Click here to learn how to sign up to volunteer with the Salvation Army.