Nearly 200 acres of land in Fairview and Girard Townships will soon be built into the first Erie County business park in 25 years.

On Tuesday, Erie County Council approved a resolution to greenlight a property development agreement between the county and the redevelopment authority.

This will create the first Erie County business park in 25 years.

“All we are doing is shifting a county entity, it’s county property. We are not buying it, we already own it, and we are shifting it over to the Erie County Redevelopment Authority. They are going to develop it,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Council Chairman.

The 194-acre property is in Fairview and Girard Townships along Route 20.

The development will also fight the lack of shovel ready sites in Erie County.

Brian Shank said we have to fix the economy; we have to get Erie County back to work.

“We are trying to jump start this economy, because we have to work, we have to put people back to work. When people are working, they are buying homes, they are buying trucks, they are paying their taxes, and the little guy doesn’t get stuck with all these tax increases,” Shank explained.

The project is funded through a $4.5 million ARPA grant from the county for infrastructure development.

The plan is for the redevelopment authority to sell acreage at the park to businesses.

“Losing the greenspace is a little tough to do, but at the same time, it’s good for us to have the community grow more,” said David Sawtelle, Fairview Township resident.