People across Erie County have been asking: what’s that smell? After posting on social media, they realized they were not alone. 

The Department of Public Works received about 10 phone calls Tuesday morning regarding an unsettling odor.

As of noon, they have not found anything out of the ordinary, but crews have been out at all the locations that have been reported.

“We’ve had 32nd and Green Garden, Oxford and Beverly, East 6th and Franklin Ave., 23rd and Holland Street, 23rd and Chesnut. It’s just not an isolated area in the city but it’s completely throughout the entire city,” said Chuck Zysk, the director of Public Works, Property & Parks.

These reports came from various locations across the city, public works said it’s difficult to pinpoint a source.

“I’ve talked to my friends and coworkers as far as Harborcreek and they said it was really strong over there as well,” said Elise Lee, who experienced the odor.

Elise Lee is one mom who experienced the smell on Peach Street while taking her son to a doctor’s appointment. She knew something was odd when the odor followed her while dropping off her son at school and then to her home.

“It smelt so bad,” continued Lee. “It’s strange when I dropped him off at school. Usually it’s a very distinct smell of the flowers out front, and it was not smelling like flowers today,”.

Lee compared the odor to sewer or garbage and said it’s never been that strong before. She took to social media where others thought the smell was possibly coming from the lake or a gas leak.

“I guess that’s why I went to try and find out some more information right away, just to make sure it wasn’t anything that was a safety concern or was it just an unpleasant smell that for whatever reason was all over the county,” said Lee.

Many people have reported that the odor has gone away, but public works continued to investigate and encouraged the public to report if the smell continued.

According to Tom Decker, a Department of Environmental Protection spokesman, their office has received a few complaints that they are investigating.

Decker also said the department is looking into the Erie Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Lakeview Landfill and Presque Isle for further investigation.