The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is holding a state conference in Erie this week.

More than 400 police officers from across the commonwealth are attending meetings at the Bayfront Convention Center for their bi-annual conference.

The FOP has not met in Erie for this conference since the late 1980s.

The plan was for Erie to host the event back in 2020, however it was canceled because of the pandemic.

The Erie FOP president said a main concern of police officers is getting the word out that the vast majority of officers are there for the right reasons, working to serve the community and to keep people safe. 

“It’s not something that’s happening every single day or as often as sometimes people think it is. It’s a very rare occurrence, that’s not what our guys are about. Our guys are here to take care of their communities, take care of the citizens that they respond to in a time of crisis, and they do a great job at it,” said Justin Stidham, president, Erie FOP Lodge #7.