The Philadelphia Zoo’s newest set of twin Sloth Bear cubs have finally been named.

After their public debut last week, the Philly Zoo held a naming contest to decide whether the cubs would be named Kelce and Harper, or Hall and Oates.

With thousands of votes and lots of online attention, the sloth cubs were officially named Kelce and Harper, after Philadelphia Eagles center, Jason Kelce, and Philadelphia Phillies hitter, Bryce Harper.

The Sloth Bear twins were born on January 2, 2023 to 10-year-old parents Kayla, and Bhalu.

The unBEARably cute cubs spend their days exploring their habitat with mom Kayla by their side.

“These rambunctious toddlers are sure to steal the hearts of many of our guests. We can’t wait to celebrate all the developmental milestones to come with our guests, members, staff, volunteers and entire Zoo community.”, said Curator of Carnivores and Ungulates Maggie Morse.

The birth of these Sloth Bear cubs acts as a huge milestone for the Philadelphia Zoo and the threatened Sloth Bear population.

“Their birth is incredibly important to the protection of this species and we are excited for guests to come to the Zoo and see for themselves what amazing animals they are.”, said Vice President of Animal Well-Being Rachel Metz.

You can find more information about the Sloth Bears and the Philly Zoo, here.