Pennsylvania drivers with unpaid tolls may want to consider settling up with the state or risk having their vehicle registration suspended.

On Thursday, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law a measure designed to motivate operators of some 25,000 vehicles to pay their overdue bills for turnpike travel.

After the law takes effect in two months, motorists with unpaid tolls will be notified by the Turnpike Commission that the commission is seeking to have their registrations suspended.

Motorists will be given several notices and opportunities to pay the tolls they owe before their registration is suspended.

A request for suspension can start when a driver owes $250 dollars or more in unpaid tolls.

The commission said the new law clarifies existing criminal penalties for intentionally evading tolls, and adds new language to prevent altering, obstructing, covering, distorting, manipulating or removing a license plate to avoid tolls.