Watching the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving day is a tradition many families have. But if you weren’t planning on watching the show, there is a special dog being honored during the show which might make you change your mind.

A Pennsylvania State Police K9 named Rom is being honored at the 2023 National Dog Show for his involvement and work in the search for escaped inmate Danelo Cavalcante, in August.

As a way to thank you for his service, K9 Rom will be honored at the show, along with a special performance of the national anthem by Pennsylvania State Trooper Lucious Fludd, and the Pennsylvania State Police color guard.

National Dog Show Co-host, David Frei spoke to PHL17 about the 2023 National Dog Show and what viewers can expect. Watch the full interview HERE.

Following our interview on PHL17, we spoke to David about K9 Rom and why it’s so important to honor him. “The famous K9 Rom did such a visible job of protecting the people of Pennsylvania and we talk about all the dogs and the things that they do and this is one of the things that we get from them. The German Shepards and the Malinois and dogs like that work every day to keep us safe, help protect our police, protect our people and we’re going to honor them”. David said. Watch the full PHL17 Web Exclusive interview above.

The National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day at noon, immediately following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.