Gun rights supporters, many of them armed, rallied on the steps of the State Capitol Monday.

The 17th annual Right to Keep and Bear Arms rally did not have as big a crowd as in years past, but the passions were high.

Republican lawmakers and gun-rights supporters spoke of assaults on their rights to have guns. Critics said the republican controlled legislature hasn’t passed any meaningful gun control measures in years.

“They are coming after our rights to bear arms and they’re not going to win today while we’re up here and they’re not going to win tomorrow while we’re up here,” Rep. Rob Kauffman, (R) Chair of the Judiciary Committee.

“We need to make sure more lawmakers believe in common sense gun reform and if they don’t you know bad politicians get into office by people vote,” Rep. Chris Rabb, (D) Philadelphia.

In a statement, Governor Tom Wolf said he supports legislation that addresses gun violence without impacting responsible gun owners.